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Situated across the Missouri River from Sioux City, Iowa, the city of South Sioux City, Nebraska is in Dakota County. Prior to its settlement, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the area in 1804. Sergeant Floyd, a member of the Expedition, was buried on a bluff near the current location of South Sioux City. European settlement of the Nebraska side of the river didn’t begin until 1854, when Gustave Pecaut, a French-speaking native of Switzerland, built a cabin there. A town site was registered in 1856, and named Harney City, but the town failed to develop. Another town site, named Pacific City, was incorporated in 1858, but a flood changed the course of the river, creating Silver Lake where the town once was. Taken over by a new town site company, Harney City’s name was changed to Newport, and again to Covington, when the papers were filed in 1857. Later that year, another plat was incorporated as South Covington. These two towns merged in 1870. Meanwhile, in 1856, another town was laid out, and named Stanton. In 1887, South Sioux City was platted and incorporated., and these villages were consolidated into one in 1893, creating the current city of South Sioux City, Nebraska.


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