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The village of Taylor, Nebraska is the county seat, and the only town left in Loup County. Built between 1980 and 1985, the North Loup Irrigation Project created Calamus Lake, placing more than eight thousand acres of Loup County underwater, and creating a recreational area accessible from Taylor. Both the town and the county were organized in 1883, and the town was named for Edward Taylor, a friend of the founders, Joseph and Josephine Rusho. The population of the county peaked at 2,188 in 1910, but had declined with every subsequent census since that time. Once, Loup County had forty-two school districts and there is now just one, headquartered in Taylor. The railroad was anticipated between 1887 and 1920, but never extended its tracks to Loup County. Taylor is southeast of Almeria, west of Burwell, and north of Sargent.



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