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The city of Tecumseh, Nebraska is the seat of government for Johnson County. The area was settled as soon as the territory was opened for settlement, situated near the Big Nemaha River, thirty-seven miles southwest of Nebraska City, which was then known as Fort Kearney, and thirty miles west of Brownville. In 1856, the settlement was known as Frances, but it was soon changed to Tecumseh, for a Native American chief who was killed during the Battle of the Thames. Tecumseh was named the county seat in 1857. Before the courthouse was completed, a petition to relocate the county seat was made, with Kingston receiving 47 votes, Tecumseh 46, and Centerville 3. However, since no locality won a majority of the votes, the law required that the county seat remain where it was, in Tecumseh, and both of the challengers soon became defunct towns. Tecumseh is located at the intersection of US Highway 136 and State Highway 50, east of Vesta, southeast of St. Mary and Sterling, west of Johnson, and northwest of Elk Creek.



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