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The small village of Thedford is the county seat of Thomas County, Nebraska. Thedford was formed in 1887, when the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad extended its tracks to the region. Many of its earliest settlers came hoping to claim 160 acres of free land, but this proved to be inadequate, as the soil was not suitable for cultivation. In 1904, the Kinkaid Act increased the land allotments to 640 acres, which allowed for ranching. When Thedford was incorporated in 1914, its population was 138, not much different than it is today. It is believed that the town was named for Thedford, Ontario, Canada. Thedford is located near the intersection of US Highway 83 and State Highway 2, southeast of Seneca and Mullen, and northwest of Natick, Halsey, and Dunning, while Stapleton is to the south.



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