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Founded in 1881, the city of Wayne is the county seat of Wayne County, Nebraska. The first settlers arrived in the area in the spring of 1869, coming from Illinois, and a second group came the following year. The community wasn’t founded, however, until 1881, when the Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railroad extended its track to the region. Originally, the village was named Brookdale by railroad officials, but it was soon changed to Wayne, for General Anthony Wayne, who served in the Revolutionary War, and for whom the county was named. When the railroad bypassed LaPorte, the first county seat, voters petitioned to have the seat of county government moved to Wayne, and this was done in 1882, resulting in the abandonment of LaPorte. Wayne was incorporated as a village in 1884. Wayne is southwest of Wakefield, northeast of Winside, and north of Altona.


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