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Elko, Nevada is the largest city on Interstate 80 between Salt Lake City and Reno. Situated on both sides of the Humboldt River, the city of Elko is the county seat of Elko County, Nevada. Although Elko is along the route of the historic California Trail, it was not inhabited until 1868, when the Central Pacific Railroad extended its tracks. The town sprung up at the time when it was the eastern terminus of the railroad but when the railroad crews moved on, the town remained. The first county courthouse was built there in 1869, and the town was incorporated as a city in 1917. A large part of the city’s economy is based on gold mining, while ranching and tourism are also significant. Elko is surrounded by abandoned mining camps, which provide popular tourism opportunities. Lewis R. Bradley, the second governor of Nevada, was a resident of Elko.


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