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Founded in 1851, Genoa is an unincorporated town in the Carson River Valley of Douglas County, south of Reno, Nevada. Prior to the creation of the Nevada Territory in 1861, Genoa was in the Utah Territory, and first settled by Mormon pioneers. Known as Mormon Station, it served as a trading post and stop for travelers along the California Trail. The original Mormon settlers withdrew during the Utah War of 1857, after which the settlement was renamed Genoa. Nevada’s first hotel, newspaper and court were in Genoa, although the newspaper -- Territorial Enterprise -- relocated to Virginia City in 1860. The Genoa Bar was patronized by Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt and Johnny Cash, and was used in John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies. Genoa was also the setting for Misery, the movie starring Kathy Bates, during which the town doubled in size temporarily, as buildings were added and then removed after the completion of filming. Located seven miles south of Minden, the Genoa Historic District is a portion of the community that is listed in the US National Register of Historic Places, although it was historically the site of Mormon Station.



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