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The unincorporated town of Gerlach was settled in 1906, when the railroad came through, and its post office was established in 1909. The town was named for Louis Gerlach, owner of the Gerlach Land and Livestock Company and the Gerlach and Waltz Ranch. Gerlach was once a census-designated place, combined with Empire, as Gerlach-Empire, but the two communities were later separated. The town once had a population of greater than one thousand people, but it has declined considerably since the US Gypsum Mine closed in 2011. Today, a large portion of the town’s residents are retirees, or operate small private businesses, many Internet-based, due to the town’s remote location. The nearest incorporated town to Gerlach is Nixon, about sixty miles to the south. Gerlach was a film location for the 1989 movie, Far From Home, and the 1926 film, The Winning of Barbara Worth, Gary Cooper’s first credited movie.



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