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Located in Elko County, about a mile from the Idaho border, along US Route 93, Jackpot is an unincorporated town and popular casino gaming destination for residents of Idaho, which has its own schools, a golf course, and post office. Officially within the Pacific Time Zone, Jackpot observes Mountain Time locally, in conjunction with Idaho border towns. Jackpot was founded as a casino town after Idaho outlawed all forms of casino gaming in 1954. When objections were raised over the county’s choice of Horse Shu for a name, the community was known as Unincorporated Towns No. 1 until 1959, when Jackpot was settled upon. Jackpot is near Salmon Falls Creek, and north of Middle Stack Mountain in the Granite Range of northeastern Nevada, about fifty miles east of the Jarbidge Wilderness and the unincorporated town of Jarbidge.



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