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Lovelock, Nevada is the only incorporated city in Pershing County and the county seat. The city is situated in the Humboldt River Basin, near the terminus of the river, and it began as a busy way station on the Humboldt Trail to California, initially known as the Big Meadows. In 1866, George Lovelock, an English settler, bought the rights to 320 acres, including the water rights on the Humboldt River, and the town developed with the construction of the Southern Pacific Railroad through the area in 1868. George Lovelock provided eighty-five acres for the depot site, and the depot was named for him. He also served as the town’s first postmaster. Lovelock was incorporated as a city in 1917, and was named the county seat with Pershing County was created from portions of Humboldt County. The city has more recently been known for the Lovelock Correctional Center, a medium-security men’s prison nearby.



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