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Founded as a Mormon colony in 1864, Panaca was southern Nevada’s first permanent settlement. Initially part of Washington County, Utah, a congressional redrawing of the boundaries in 1866 placed the town in Nevada. A post office was established in 1867, but moved to Bullionville in 1874, returning to Panaca in 1879, although it was known as Panaker at that time. At one time, coke ovens produced charcoal for smelters in nearby Bullionville, which is now a ghost town. Located in eastern Lincoln County, the town is near the Utah border. Panaca is the only dry community in Nevada, forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages, and the only one in the state besides Boulder City to prohibit gambling. Cathedral Gorge State Park is located along the Great Basin Scenic Highway, north of Panaca, and Echo Canyon State Park is northeast of the town.



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