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Named for Henry M. Yerington, Superintendent of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad from 1868 to 1910, Yerington is the county seat of Lyon County. The general area of Yerington was first settled by N.H.A. “Hock Mason around 1859, who built a place along the Walker River north of the current town site. The Mason Valley was named for him, and a post office by that name was established in 1871. Later the community became known as The Switch or Greenfield, which were used interchangeably until at least 1894, and was later known as Pizen or the Pizen Switch. In 1879, the community took the name of Greenfield, while its mailing address remained Mason Valley. In 1894, the post office name was changed from Mason Valley to Yerington, the only town in the world having that name. Yerington is south of Silver Springs and east of Carson City.



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