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Chartered in 1751 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth, Ashland was once the southwestern corner of Holderness, but the French and Indian War delayed settlement of the area and, in 1761, it was re-granted as New Holderness. The town was settled in 1763 although, except for Holderness Village on the Squam River, it was primarily agricultural. The falls on the Squam River provided power for mills, including a sawmill, gristmill, and woolen mill. The railroad came through in 1849 and, in 1868, Holderness Village was incorporated as Ashland, named for the Kentucky estate of Henry Clay. Ashland is in Grafton County, New Hampshire, bordered by the Pemigewasset River on the west, and Little Squam Lake on the east. The Scribner-Fellows State Park is within the town.


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