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Dover is the seat of Strafford County, New Hampshire and, settled in 1623, the city is the oldest permanent settlement in the state, and the seventh oldest in the United States, being one of the colony’s four original townships, although it was initially known as Hilton’s Point, named for William and Edward Hilton, its first settlers. In 1633, the settlement was renamed Dover, and was incorporated by that name in 1637. Two years later, it was renamed Northam, but renamed Dover in 1641. Dover was home to several U.S. congressmen and senators, including Daniel M. Durrell, John P. Hale, Joshua G. Hall, Maurice J. Murphy, Tappan Wentworth, and Timothy R. Young, as well as Richard Waldron, the second President of New Hampshire, and Charles H. Sawyer, 41st governor of New Hampshire.


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