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Settled in the 1720s, what is now the town of Fremont was originally part of Exeter, an area that was known for its heavy growth of eastern white pines, that were reserved for use as masts for the British Royal Navy. When people began to use the trees to build their homes, British authorities sent David Dunbar, surveyor-general, to inspect fallen timber, causing local citizens assembled and threatened Dunbar, causing him to retreat. Returning with ten men later, Dunbar’s group was attacked by citizens disguised as Indians, an event that became known as the Mast Tree Riot. The town was granted in 1764 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth, and given the name of Poplin but, after petitions from its citizens, the name was changed to Fremont in 1854, in honor of General John C. Fremont, the first candidate of the newly formed Republican Party. Fremont is in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, bordered by Brentwood, Chester, Danville, Epping, Kingston, Raymond, and Sandown.



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