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The area that was to become Hampton Falls settled by Europeans in 1638, at the same time as Hampton, which it was part of; by 1709, it was known as the Third Parish of Hampton, and it then consisted of Hampton Falls as well as what is now Seabrook and Kensington. In 1726, the town became an independent municipality, but it was still referred to as a parish until after the Revolutionary War, and those who did use its actual name spelled it with a lowercase “f,” as “Hampton falls.” Kensington broke off to become an independent town in 1732, and the remainder of the town was split in half in 1765, to form Seabrook, which was a Presbyterian parish. Hampton Falls is in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, bordering Exeter, Hampton, Kensington, and Seabrook. Meshech Weare, the first president of New Hampshire, was born in Hampton Falls, when it was known as First Parish, and the poet, John Greenleaf Whittier, died as a friend’s home in Hampton Falls in 1892.



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