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The town of Haverhill, in Grafton County, New Hampshire, includes the villages of Woodsville, Pike, and North Haverhill, as well as the town center of Haverhill Corner and the district of Mountain Lakes. The village of North Haverhill is the county seat of Grafton County. Also included within the town of Haverhill are Bedell Bridge State Park, Black Mountain State Forest, Kinder Memorial Forest, and the Oliverian Valley Wildlife Preserve. The community was founded by settlers from Haverhill, Massachusetts, and originally known as Lower Cohos. Incorporated by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth in 1763, Haverhill was the terminus of the old Province Road connecting the northern and western settlements with the seacoast. Haverhill includes the oldest documented covered bridge in the country, known as the Haverhill-Bath Bridge, constructed in 1829. Henry W. Keyes, the 56th governor of New Hampshire, was a citizen of Haverhill, as was John Page, the state’s 17th governor.


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