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Hebron is a small town in Grafton County, New Hampshire. The chief settlements within the town are the town center and the village of East Hebron. The town was settled in 1765, at which time it was part of Cockermouth, which is now Groton. In 1792, along with a portion of what was then West Plymouth, the community separated to form an independent town. Its surface was rough and the soil difficult, yet farming was the chief occupation of its early residents. Once the Mayhew Turnpike was constructed in 1803, connecting northern towns with southern cities and mills, other industries developed, including lumber harvesting. By the early 1900s, tourism became the primary driver of the town’s economy. Hebron is situated at the north end of Newfound Lake, with its town center, Hebron Village, at the northwest corner of the lake, while the village of East Hebron is near the northeast part of the lake. Nathaniel Berry, governor of New Hampshire during the Civil War, was a resident of Hebron, as was John Ordway, 1st sergeant of the Lewis and Clark expedition.



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