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Situated in southwestern New Hampshire, the town of Hinsdale, in Cheshire County, was chartered in 1753, and named for Colonel Ebenezer Hinsdale, who established Fort Hinsdale, as well as a trading post and gristmill, in 1742, at his own expense. Hinsdale is located along the Connecticut River, across the river from Brattleboro, Vermont. Hinsdale is bordered by Chesterfield on the north, Winchester on the east, and Northfield, Massachusetts to the south. In 1876, George A. Long built a self-propelled steam vehicle in Hinsdale, known as the Long Steam Tricycle, for which he received one of the country’s earliest automobile patents. William Haile, 26th governor of New Hampshire, died in Hinsdale in 1876. The Hinsdale Post Office, established in 1816, is the oldest continuously operated post office.



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