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Kingston, in Rockingham County, was the fifth town to be established in New Hampshire. Initially, part of Hampton, following King Philip’s War, new settlements were made possible. In 1692, residents petitioned to be separated from Hampton and, in 1694, King William of England granted a Royal Charter establishing the town of Kingstown, in honor of the king. Its name was later shortened to Kingston. Apart from the town center, which includes the Josiah Bartlett House, home of the signer of the Declaration of Independence, and several other historic places, West Kingston is located along the road to Danville, in the western part of town, and was the site of several early industries in Kingston, New Hampshire. Apart from Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Kingston has been the home of Betty Hill, a famous alleged UFO abductee, and Adam Lanza, considered responsible for the deaths of twenty-six people in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of 2012.



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