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Lempster is a small town in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. It includes the unincorporated village of East Lempster. The town was first granted by Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher in 1735 as Number 9, being ninth in a line of forts created to guard against Indian attack. It was re-granted in 1753, as Dupplin, by Governor Benning Wentworth, and re-granted a final time, in 1767, as Lempster, then incorporated as a town in 1772. New Hampshire Route 10 crosses the town, connecting it with the towns of Goshen and Newport, to the north, and with Marlow, Gilsum, and Keene, to the south. East Lempster is situated at the intersection of Route 10 and Second New Hampshire Turnpike, while the population center of Lempster is along Route 10, two miles to the west.



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