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The town of Litchfield, in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, was originally known as Naticook. Its name was changed to Brenton’s Farm in 1729, when the land was granted to Rhode Island Colonial Governor William Brenton, and was incorporated in 1734. After Brenton’s death in 1749, the land was granted to another group of settlers and renamed Litchfield, for George Henry Lee, Earl of Litchfield. Wyseman Claget, the only Solicitor General of the United States, was a resident of Litchfield; the post was abolished before his death in 1784. His son, Clifton Clagett, became a U.S. congressman from New Hampshire, and a New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice. Litchfield is south of Merrimack and East Merrimack, east of Amherst, and southwest of Londonberry.


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