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Situated in western Rockingham County, Londonderry, New Hampshire is bordered by Manchester on the north, and Derry on the east. The town was settled in 1718 by Scots-Irish immigrants, many of whom had come from Londonderry in the Province of Ulster, Northern Ireland; thus its name. At first, however, it was known as Nutfield, for the dense woods of nut trees surrounding the settlement. In 1722, it was chartered as Londonderry. Its main population centers are in the eastern and southern parts of town, around NH Route 102. One of the things that Londonderry is currently known for are its apple orchards. Londonderry was home to two New Hampshire governors, Samuel Bell, the 14th governor, and John Bell, the 18th governor of the state, as well as several U.S. congressmen, including Silas Betton, John Fisher, Arthur Livermore, William W. Oliver, George W. Patterson, William Patterson, and Samuel Taggert.


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