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Originally known as Number One, Mason was the first in a line of border towns that included areas given to New Hampshire after its border with Massachusetts was defined in 1739. Its charter was granted by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth in 1749. In 1768, his nephew, Governor John Wentworth, renamed it in honor of New Hampshire’s founder, Captain John Mason, who was the holder of the title to the land that became New Hampshire. Greenville was once part of the town of Mason. Samuel Wilson, who is through to have inspired the patriotic character, Uncle Sam, grew up in Mason, New Hampshire. Another prominent resident was Elizabeth Orton Jones, an author and illustrator, also known as Twig, who recorded town history, was instrumental in the promotion of Andy’s Summer Playhouse, and wrote a 1948 illustrated version of Little Red Riding Hood, using Pickity Place, a local cottage built in 1786, as the model for the grandmother’s house. Mason is bounded by Brookline, Greenville, Milford, New Ipswich, Wilton, and the Massachusetts town of Ashby and Townsend.



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