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Located in Coos County, New Hampshire, the town of Milan was originally named Paulsburg, after Paul Wentworth, Governor Wentworth’s cousin and one of the grantees, in 1771. The land was granted to Sir William Mayne, Paul Wentworth, and others. The town was incorporated in 1824 and, in that year, Governor Levi Woodbury authorized a name change to Milan, in honor of Milan Harris, who was a friend of Governor Levi Woodbury. One of its first settlers was John Ellingwood, who settled on Barrows Mountain, named for his wife, Rachel Barrows. Daniel Ellingwood was perhaps the first settler on the Androscoggin River in Milan. Shortly before the War of 1812, a man by the name of Eames built a mill near the Paulsburg Water Station, although much of the way to the mill had no roads, so lumber had to be carried by hand. The town was sparsely populated prior to 1820, its chief industries were lumbering operations, with agriculture being subsistence oriented.



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