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The town of Monroe, New Hampshire, is located in Grafton County, along a bend in the Connecticut River, across from Barnet, Vermont. The land that became Monroe was granted by Colonial Governor John Wentworth in 1762 to sixty-four people who were obliged, as a condition of the grant, to clear, farm, and settle one-tenth of each of their parcels. Only two had attempted by the date prescribed, but the charter was extended, in 1769, for another five years. Eleven of the original grantees were named Lyman. That same year, Wentworth granted to Colonel John Hurd part of the land which is today part of Monroe, which included five small islands in the Connecticut River, known as Deer Islands; this grant was known as Hurd’s Location. The first permanent settlers came in the 1780s, and the resulting town was originally chartered as Lyman. Because of different priorities and needs than the rest of Lyman to the east, the western portion was incorporated as the town of Lyman in 1854, named for former President James Monroe. A northwestern segment of Bath was annexed to Monroe in 1895. The town is bounded by the Connecticut River, which is also New Hampshire’s border with Vermont, to the west, and the Gardner Mountain to the east.



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