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Nashua, in Hillsborough County, is the second largest city in New Hampshire, after Manchester. At one time, the area was part of a 200 square-mile tract of land in Massachusetts known as Dunstable, with the portion that was to become Nashua situated in the center of the 1673 grant. When the disputed boundaries between Massachusetts and New Hampshire were fixed in 1741, the township of Dunstable was divided, with Tyngsborough and a portion of Dunstable remaining in Massachusetts, while Dunstable, New Hampshire was incorporated from the northern section in 1746, but was renamed Nashua in 1836, becoming a city in 1853. The city is bordered on the east by the Merrimack River, which separates it from Hudson, New Hampshire. The author, Jack Kerouac, summered at his grandfather’s home in Nashua.


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