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The town of New Boston, in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, was initially granted by Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher of Massachusetts in 1736. At that time, the boundaries between the provinces of Massachusetts and New Hampshire were in dispute, and Governor Belcher treated the area as being part of Massachusetts, and granted the town to several Boston families. Although its name was supposed to have been Lanestown or Piscataquog Township but, by 1751, its earlier settlers were calling it New Boston after their hometown. Not all of the grantees met the requirements of their claim, so the land was re-granted ten years later to some people from Londonderry. Upon its formal incorporation by Governor Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire, in 1763, it was named New Boston, as this is what its residents were referring to it as anyhow. New Boston is southwest of Goffstown, east of Francestown, and north of Mont Vernon.



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