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The town of Newbury, in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, includes the unincorporated villages of South Newbury and Blodgett Landing. Located at the south end of Lake Sunapee, the town has gone through a lot of name changes in its history. Founded in 1753 as Dantzic, it was named Hereford when the land was granted in 1754. When this grant was renewed by Colonial Governor John Wentworth in 1772, it was renamed Fishersfield, and was incorporated as Newbury in 1837, as several of its settlers had come from Newbury, Massachusetts. The village of Newbury is situated at the south end of Lake Sunapee, which is approximately the geographic center of the town. NH Route 103 leads from Newbury Village northwest, past Mount Sunapee Resort, and into the village of Sunapee. NH Route 103A leads from Newbury Village, north, passing the village of Blodgett Landing and into the town of New London.



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