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Newfields is a small town in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Settled in 1638, the community was called Newfield Village as early as 1681. Later, it became part of Exeter until 1727, when it was made part of Newmarket, and known as South Newmarket Parish. Although it was incorporated as Newfields in 1849, census takers didn’t use the name Newfields until 1900, but rather referred to it as South New Market, South Newmarket, or Newmarket. In 1775, a bridge was constructed across the Squamscott River, connecting the community with Stratham, and shortening the distance to Exeter, which was the Revolutionary capital that year. In 1841, the Boston and Maine Railroad extended its line to Newfields. The town is crossed by New Hampshire Routes 85, 87, and 108.



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