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Pittsburg, in Coos County, is the northernmost town in New Hampshire, sharing a boundary with the Canadian province of Quebec to the west and north, with Maine to the east, Vermont to the southwest, and Clarksville, New Hampshire, to the south. Pittsburg is also the only part of New Hampshire west of the Connecticut River. The Connecticut Lakes, which form the beginning of the Connecticut River, are in Pittsburg. It is also the largest town in the state, by area, although its population is under one thousand. The area was settled around 1810, at which time it was known as the Territory of the Indian Stream. For a brief time during the 1830s, due to an ambiguous boundary between Canada and the United States, it was its own state, known as the Republic of Indian Stream. In 1840, following a resolution of the boundary issues, it was incorporated as Pittsburg, in honor of William Pitt, Prime Minister of Great Britain.


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