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Prior to its incorporation in 1782, the town of Pittsfield was an unnamed parish of Chichester, New Hampshire. Settled in 1768 by John Cram, the area consisted of a collection of small farms with several small areas of activity, which included Lower City, Upper City, South Pittsfield, Knowlton’s Corners, and the Berry District, each of which included homes, stores, churches, schools, and mills. Over a couple of decades, Lower City, located along the Suncook River, became the dominant settlement area. Like its neighbor to the north, Pittsburg, Pittsfield was named for William Pitt, Prime Minister of Great Britain. Its largest employer is Globe Manufacturing, which was established in 1901, and is the largest manufacturer of firefighting apparel in the world. In 2001, Pittsfield earned a place in the Guinness World Records as the place where the largest number (522) of people wore Groucho Marx glasses at the same time.



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