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Randolph is a small town in a heavily forested area of Coos County, which includes portions of the New Hampshire. White Mountains, the Ice Gulch Town Forest, and the Randolph Community Forest. The area was settled as Durand in 1772, and incorporated as Randolph in 1824, named for John Randolph, a Virginia congressman and senator, and descendant of Pocahontas. The town includes four mountains, Mount Crescent, Black Crescent Mountain, Mount Randolph, and Pond Hill, with the settled part of the town divided into Randolph Valley, which contains the town hall, and Randolph Hill, which has several roads that connect to the main road, Randolph Hill Road. The town is mountainous and forested, which attracts hikers and summer visitors. Many of the homes in Randolph are summer residences and vacation rentals.



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