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Once inhabited by the Newichawannock Indians, an Abenaki tribe, whose village was centered at what is now known as Salmon Falls Village, the area of Rollinsford was settled by Europeans around 1630, although it was initially known as Sligo, and was part of Dover, one of New Hampshire’s original townships. The area became the parish of Summersworth in 1729, and was incorporated as a town by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth in 1754, at which time the spelling was changed to Somersworth, due to a clerical error. At that time, the center of the community was at Rollinsford Junction. In the early 1820s, water-powered mills were built at the larger falls, and the town became divided between them. Great Falls became Somersworth and Salmon Falls became Rollinsford, which was incorporated as such in 1849. Salmon Falls Village is part of the town of Rollinsford, in Strafford County, New Hampshire.



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