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Situated in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, the town of Salisbury was initially part of Massachusetts, granted as Baker’s Town in 1736. When the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire was established, the town was re-granted by the Masonian Proprietors as Stevenstown in 1749, and was known as Gerrishtown and New Salisbury before being incorporated as Salisbury in 1768. The Blackwater River runs through the town and The Bay, a lake-like section of the river, has become a popular fishing and recreation area. Ezekiel A. Straw and Samuel E. Pingree, the 34th and 40th governors of New Hampshire, were residents of the town, and Daniel Webster, a U.S. congressman and senator from Massachusetts, as well as the 14th and 19th U.S. Secretary of State, was born in what was then Salisbury, although that section of town is now part of Franklin.



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