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What is now Wakefield, New Hampshire was originally a Native American settlement. Attacked by John Lovewell during Father Rale’s War, the area was later settled by colonists from Dover and Somersworth, granted in 1749 by John Mason. Prior to its incorporation in 1774, the community was known as East Town. Wakefield includes the villages of Wakefield Corner, the original town center, as well as East Wakefield, North Wakefield, Sanbornville, Union, Woodman, and Province Lake. Situated in Carroll County, the state of Maine forms the eastern border of Wakefield. Bodies of water in Wakefield include the Pine and Branch rivers, as well as Province Lake, Pine River Pond, Belleau Lake, Balch Pond, Sandy Pond, Lovell Lake, Lake Ivanhoe, Great East Lake, and Horn Pond, four of which span the Maine border.



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