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Warner, in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, was established by a grant by Massachusetts Governor Jonathan Belcher in 1735. Initially called Number One, the town was the first in a line of settlements between the Merrimack and Connecticut rivers, established for the purpose of defending against Indian attacks. It became known as New Amesbury, then Jennesstown, before it was abandoned and destroyed during the French and Indian War. After the boundaries of New Hampshire and Massachusetts were settled, the town was re-granted in 1767, and named Amesbury, which was changed to Warner when it was incorporated in 1774, as one of the last towns chartered under English provincial rule. The town of Warner includes the villages of Davisville and Waterloo. John Sargent Pillsbury, the 8th governor of Minnesota, Walter Harriman, the 31st governor of New Hampshire, and Nehemiah G. Ordway, 7th governor of Dakota Territory, were residents of Warner.



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