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Topics related to education, training, learning, and instruction in Los Alamos, New Mexico are the focus of this portion of our guide.

While education generally includes instruction, the terms are not synonymous. Instruction involves the furnishing of information to a student. For example, a teacher may instruct a student as to how to complete a test, but the knowledge necessary to be successful in the test is the result of education rather than instruction. Training involves the imparting and acquiring of skills, such as teaching someone to drive or to perform a work skill. Education, on the other hand, is a reference to the acquisition of broad knowledge and skills, typically within a classroom or another educational environment.

Appropriate topics for this category would include Los Alamos schools, at any level. For example, childcare centers, preschools, and pre-kindergartens in Los Alamos may be listed here, along with K-12 programs, whether operated by a public school district or as a religious or private institution.

College and university programs located in Los Alamos could be listed here, such as the Los Alamos campus of the University of New Mexico. Vocational schools within the community might also be found here.

Tutoring or homeschooling programs are appropriate for this category, as are driver's training programs or instruction in dance, art, drama, music, or another skill or craft.



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