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The small city and township of Ayr is in Cass County, North Dakota, and bordered by Rich, Erie, Empire, Buffalo, Tower, Cornell, and Lake townships. Settled in 1879, and founded in 1883, the settlement was first named Elgin but, since another municipality in the Dakota Territory had already claimed that name, it was renamed Ayr, for Ayr, Scotland, the home of its chief proprietor and many of its early settlers. The founding of the township and city was largely organized and brought about by a large ranch business known as The Park Farm, which donated the land along the railroad track for the townsite of Ayr, and platted its railway station. Ayr was incorporated as a village in 1925, later becoming a city. Its economy dependent almost entirely on agriculture, the decline of the family farm, in general, has brought about a sharp decline in the population of Ayr, as in many other North Dakota communities.



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