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American Samoa is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Situated east of Samoa, the US territory includes the main island of Tutuila, and the island of Aunuu immediately to the east, as well as the Manua island group that includes the islands of Ofu, Olosega, and Tau, about sixty or seventy miles east of Tutuila.

Also known as Olohega, Swain's Island was annexed to American Samoa and is actually part of the Tokelau chain of islands, north of Tutuila. Rose Atoll is a small uninhabited island about one hundred and eighty miles east-southeast of Pago Pago Harbor. More than ninety percent of the population of American Samoa is on Tutuila.

Ordinarily, we would organize websites pertaining to an island nation by island, and then by locality, but there aren't a lot of cities or villages in American Samoa. The islands are not as dependent upon the Internet as the mainland United States, so there are no websites for most of the localities in American Samoa.

The major cities and villages of American Samoa include Tafuna, Nu'uuli, Pago Pago, Ili'ili, Pava'ia'i, Aua, Vaitogi, Leone, Faleniu, Fagatogo, and Mapusaga, all of which are on the main island of Tutuila. All of the other island villages have populations under a thousand people.


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