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Situated on a flat limestone plateau in Northern Guam, Dededo is the largest village on the island. Prior to the Second World War, Dededo was a small village at the bottom of Macheche Hill in Northern Guam. The existing village of Dededo is not at its original location. After the War, its residents were relocated further north after the US military built an airfield on the site of the village.

The population of Dededo grew considerably when the United States Navy chose the site to house island residents who were displaced by US military appropriation of land on the island, and to house laborers who were hired from outside of Guam for the construction of military installations. Since that time, its population has been added to by islanders who were displaced by the 1962 Typhoon Karen, and from further subdivisions, many of which were built using the same design. Over the years, renovations have been made to the original designs of many of the residences. Some of the homes were expanded horizontally, using up most of the space upon which the home sits, while others were expanded by adding another floor.

The administrative offices of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge are in Dededo. The census-designated village of Dededo has a population of just over six thousand. However, the larger region - or municipality - of Dededo includes the village by that name as well as Astumbo, Liguan, Machanao, Machanao East, Machanao West, Macheche, Mogfog, Ukudu, Wusstig, Y Papao, and Y Sengsong. Together, the villages of Dededo have a population of about forty-five thousand.

The regions of Dededo and Yigo are the northernmost regions of Guam. A large, American-style shopping mall in Dededo, The Micronesia Mall, is the largest shopping center in Guam, and its movie theaters and indoor amusement park are significant attractions. Near Yigo, Dededo also hosts a weekend flea market that brings a lot of people into the area.



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