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Academic Societies for the Study of Religion are regional, national, or international associations of academic scholars.

They are formed for the purpose of encouraging the cognitive, comparative, historical, structural, and theoretical approaches to the study of religion, and to represent scholars of religion within their geographical scope. They also serve to open and sustain communication between their members and their colleagues worldwide.

Through journals, conferences, newsletters, and interactive programs, they contribute to the development of up-and-coming academics, sustaining dialogue between leading scholars.

Academic Societies may also serve as a meeting place for members to engage, contest ideas, and to collaborate on research projects through electronic means, or otherwise.

They may also provide employment services, discounts, and other benefits to members.

Academic Societies may also offer programs for students, or to the community at large, such as grants, awards, and other projects or programs, such as conferences, symposia, or colloquia.

Members of Academic Societies for the Study of Religion come from a variety of scholarly backgrounds and professional experiences, including religious studies, the sociology of religion, political science, the history of religion, religious anthropology, and theology. Some scholars of religion are also also experimental scientists, theologians or philosophers.

Issues such as the dialogue between science and religion, attempts to find religion in science and science in religion, or to validate religious doctrines through cognitive science are not issues that are generally addressed through the Academic Societies for the Study of Religion.

Generally, these Academic Societies seek to be a forum for the critical, analytical, and cross-cultural study of religions, past and contemporary, not for confessional or apologetical concerns.

The focus of this category is on Academic Societies for the Study of Religion, while general study or research topics should be submitted to the parent category or another subcategory that might be appropriate.



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