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Scholarly Journals in Religious Studies specializing in publishing research-oriented articles into the study of topics related to religion.

Generally intended for students and other scholars, these journals publish articles from credentialed authors who are scholars, researchers, and experts in the field of religious studies. Articles are typically peer-reviewed, which implies that a group of other experts in the field reviewed the article prior to its publication.

Because they are written for readers who are knowledgeable in the field of religious studies, articles in scholarly journals tend to be lengthy, to include jargon, and to assume that the reader possesses an understanding of the subject.

These journals serve as an important forum for religious researchers and academicians, and a source of significant information about recent developments in the field of religious studies. They are often the first choice for an in-depth examination of an issue related to religious studies.

In most cases, the major sections found in a scholarly article will include an abstract that summarizes the research and findings, an introduction that states the problem to be solved, a methods section that describes how the problem was studies, a results section that reports the findings, a discussion that explains the implications of the findings, and a bibliography, or list of cited works.

Generally published by Academic Societies of Religious Studies, or by Schools of Religious Studies, scholarly journals are published on a monthly, quarterly, annually, or periodically, but mostly according to a regular schedule.

The focus of this category is on these scholarly journals in religious studies, whether published online, in print or both, as long as there is a website representing the publication. It is not for single-author projects.

Journals that are focused on a specific denomination or religion should be submitted to the subcategory of World Religions that corresponds to the denomination or religion.



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