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Bible code research dates back to the 12th century, when rabbinical scholars first wrote about having discovered words and meaningful messages hidden in the Hebrew text of the Torah. The tradition developed that everything and everyone that ever was or will be is recorded in the text of the first five books of the Bible. Torah scribes were cautioned that just one letter lost in their work could have dire consequences. Believers in the Bible code, or Torah code, would spend their lives researching the text, seeking out the patterns, and trying to decode the Torah. The invention of computers and computer software made it possible to carry out searches for codes in seconds that would have previously taken hours or days. Bible code researchers began to develop software specifically developed to perform such searches. Soon, Christian researcher began to find codes in the Christian Bible. Jewish and Christian researchers are now using dedicated computer software to search the Scriptures for new codes, and to computer their statistical significance. Once proprietary, many of these software programs are now available for purchase or offered as free downloads.



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