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Over a couple of thousand years of Christianity, Christians have found the Bible to be a book that can be understood on many levels, from simply reading its pages to an in-depth study. For a Christian, Bible study can help assure them of salvation, guide their decisions, enhance their prayer lives, strengthen them, and bring peace and joy. It can also convict them of error in their lives. Christians find answers within the pages of the Bible, and many Christians have found that their study time is more productive when they use an effective study method. Reading the Bible is not the same as studying the Bible. There are several published methods for studying the Bible effectively, but all of them involve something more than simply reading the text. One of the most thorough ways to study the Bible is by individual books. It is not necessary to start at the beginning; indeed, most scholars recommend beginning with one of the shorter and easier books of the Bible, but one that is rich in its teachings, such as the First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians. Another useful Bible study method is a topical study. This consists of searching the Bible to find what it says about various topics. A biographical study consists of studying the various characters mentioned in the Bible, and is actually a form of topical study. An older, but still useful, method of studying the Bible is to study the books of the Bible in the order given in the Bible, and in their chronological order. This method will allow you to get an idea of the Bible as a whole. There are also chronological Bible daily reading plans available, and even chronological Bibles. The problem with this method is that it requires a lot of time, and Christians tend to find the New Testament to be more relevant than the Old. There are many others, and variations of those mentioned here, and no Christian should choose just one, as all of them can be productive in different ways, or for varying purposes.



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