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Legal issues that are common to Christian churches, Christian ministries, Christian businesses and Christian individuals are the focus of topics in this category. This does not refer to Christian law as found in the Old or New Testaments, but to Christian interactions with secular law in the United States, Canada, England, The United Kingdom, Australia or elsewhere. These may include issues of constitutional theory pertaining to Christianity, the religious clause, religious freedoms, the freedom of religious expression, religious exemptions, freedom of conscience, and judicial restraint. Other appropriate topics might include autonomy and the independence of religious communities, land use issues relating to Christian ministries, and legal interpretations that appear to be applied to Christian ministries but not to other similar groups. Issues relating to church buildings and property might also be included here, such as the language used in church bylaws, employee handbooks, facility use policies, and doctrinal language on marriage and sexuality issues, as well as property tax issues. Various school issues might be appropriate here as well, such as school banning the Ten Commandments from the wall of school buildings, bans against Christian emblems, verses or messages on clothing or jewelry, restrictions on the use of Bibles or other Christian literature in the school, the establishment of prayer-free zones, and the disallowance of Bible clubs or other Christian organizations on school grounds. Law firms or legal associations that specialize in fighting for the legal rights of Christians are on-topic here. Examples might include the American Center for Law & Justice, National Legal Foundation, Liberty Counsel, Christian Legal Aid Office, Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, the Victorian Christian Legal Society, and Christian Legal Fellowship.



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