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Catholic media of all forms are appropriate for this category. Topics may include Catholic movies and television productions, Catholic radio stations or shows, Catholic newspapers or magazines, and Catholic books and other publications. Catholic publishing companies are also appropriate for this topic, or other media that carries a strong Catholic message or moral, as well as those that are produced by a Catholic media outlet for a Catholic audience, and those produced by media outside of the Catholic churches with a Catholic audience in mind. Catholic media organizations or outlets may be listed here, although Catholic media outlets or publciations carrying topics of largely local interest should be listed in the appropriate Local & Global section of the directory. These might include Catholic church newsletters or Catholic school newspapers. However, if the content is designed to have a wider interest, such as Catholic missions or Bible studies, then this may be an appropriate category. By the same standards, a local Catholic radio or television station should be listed in the Local & Global subcategory representing the city or town that the station broadcasts from unless its reach is much wider. In such cases, the site might be listed both here and in an appropriate Local & Global category. Media topics in this category might refer to Catholicism or Catholic topics. When submitting a site, use your best judgement in choosing a category whose topic is the most specific for the site in question. The directory staff can easily move it to another category if that is deemed necessary.



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