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A Christian ministry can be difficult to define. In a broad sense, all Christians should be involved in ministry of some sort. In a narrow sense, many people believe that ministry is something the minister does. Yet, most Christians have a good idea as to what a Christian ministry is. It is anything that furthers the goals of the church or, on a larger scale, anything that advances God's purpose. A local church is a Christian ministry but, for the purpose of categorization here, local ministries are listed in the Local & Global subcategory representing the city or town that the church is located in. In the world of Christianity, there are a lot of ministries, and not all of them are conducted by clergy. The Early Church had apostles, but they did not have the hierarchy of clergy that many of the churches today employ. The New Testament names some of the Christian ministries, in order of importance: apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and workers of miracles, and a prophet is anyone who brings the message of God, such as an evangelist. Today, the most obvious thought that comes to mind when asked about ministries is being a member of the clergy, and certainly that is an important ministry, but there are many ministries in the local and larger Church. Some ministries focus on evangelism, the education of children, visiting the sick, or providing assistance to the poor. Music ministries, administrative ministries, and finance ministries might also be included. Christian ministry is the activity and responsibility of the Church in the fulfillment of its biblically defined mandate in the world, and two instructions from Christ cover most ministries: Matthew 22:37-39 and 28:19-20, one to love your neighbor as yourself, the other to evangelize the world, baptizing and teaching them. This category is for topics about ministry in general, or for large-scale, worldwide ministries. Local ministry sites should be placed in the appropriate Local & Global subcategory.



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