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The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is a Catholic ecumenical lay order created in 1910 by Catholics in Paris, France. The Order was formed under the protection of Patriarch Cyril VIII Jaha of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, which is in full communion with Rome. The Order claims to represent the spirit of the medieval Order of Saint Lazarus, albeit without historical continuity. The original Order was founded by Crusaders around 1119, at a leper hospital in Jerusalem, and recognized as an Order under the Rule of Saint Augustine. In 1572, the Order in Italy was merged with the Order of Saint Maurice, forming the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, which still exists. In France, the Order went into decline and ceased to exist during the French Revolution. The 1910 reorganization is said to have been within the framework of the Roman Canonical continuation of the Order, as it had never been abolished by the Vatican. Although no longer a Roman Catholic Order of knighthood, it is an Association of the Faithful, whose purpose is the care and assistance of the sick and poor, as well as the defense of the Christian faith and principles of Christian chivalry. The modern Order is recognized by the Eastern Catholic Church, but its attributions to the medieval Catholic military Order are not recognized by the Holy See in Rome. However, the Holy See recognizes only its own equestrian Orders or those under the protection of Rome. The Order of Saint Lazarus has been recognized by the Hungarian Republic as an Order of knighthood. In the 1960s, the Order began accepting non-Catholics as full members, although the majority of its members and clergy remain Roman Catholic. In ceremonial occasions, members of the Order wear distinctive vestments and insignia, including a black cloak with a green velvet collar and the cross of the Order sews onto the left side. The insignia of a knight is a badge with military trophy pendant from a green neck ribbon.



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