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The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) made significant changes designed to improve relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the modern world. Several people within the Church feared that these changes would have a detrimental effect on the Church, including the encouragement of heretical acts, indifference to the customs, beliefs and practices of the Church, and that these changes weakened the status of the Church in regard to its supremacy over other religions. Traditionalist Catholics are are members of the Church who seek restoration of many or all of the customs, traditions, liturgical forms, public and private devotions, and presentations of the Church prior to the Second Vatican Council, a chief concern being a return to the Tridentine or traditional Latin form of the Mass. Several traditionalist organizations have been formed with the approval of the Vatican. These organizations accept the documents of the Second Vatican Council in principle, but celebrate the older forms with permission of the Holy See. Other traditionalist Catholics in good standing with Rome are served by priests who are willing to offer the traditional rites, while others identify as traditionalists but are unable to attend the traditional liturgy regularly because of distance, and may attend the liturgies of Eastern Orthodox Churches, if available. Catholics in good standing with the Church who attend the traditional liturgy may have differing worldviews, ranging from liberal to conservative. Other traditionalists are not in good standing with the Holy See in Rome, and practice outside of the official structures of the Roman Catholic Church. The largest of these is the Society of Saint Pius X, which was established in 1970. While the Society of Saint Pius X have not chosen to leave the Roman Catholic Church, other groups hold that the post-Vatican II popes have forfeited their positions through the acceptance of heretical teachings, and that there is no legitimate pope.


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